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Here at the CSS we love to recognise and uplift tutor achievements! Below are the Peer Consultant Awards given to Writing Center tutors for their valued achievements and contribution during the 2021-2022 academic year:

Long Service Award

Stephanie Young​

Ekaterina Drozdova​

Miu Ci Miuccia Chan ​

Brinna Ellen Louisa Barlow​

Anisha Kukreja​

Loretta Wen​

Celeste Lee ​

Charmaine Kong ​

Hin Ki Cheung​

Renee Wong​

Tutee's Choice

David Feng​

Stephanie Young​

Lily Jiang​

Yoshita Singh​

Victoria Anna Yeo

Outstanding Tutor of the Year


  • Ekaterina Drozdova​

  • Miuccia Chan​


  • Brinna Ellen Louisa Barlow​

Best Video Project

“Life of a Peer Consultant”​

Produced by Wincy Yim and Hin Ki Cheung​

Starring Lily Jiang, Celeste Lee, and Marcelo Sevilla

Best 1st Semester Tutor

Fall, 2021-22​

  • Sannya Li (UG)​

  • Hannah Bethany Tilley (PG)​

Spring, 2021-22​

  • Jack Chan (UG)​

  • Lucienne Jason Van Romburg (PG)​

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