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How to Use this List of Language Links

This curated list of grammar links is intended to be a common reference point for Writing Centre tutors and tutees, and for any teachers who need to point their students toward resources that will help them understand their written English grammar problems. The links are organized according to common types of language errors and grammatical features. Students can use these links to learn more about specific language problems that their tutor or teacher has pointed out in their writing.

If you have suggestions for specific links or types of language problems to add to this list, please e-mail


Articles, or More Broadly, Determiners (i.e., ‘a,’ ‘an,’ ‘the,’ or no article, and other determiners like ‘this,’ that,’ ‘these,’ ‘its’, etc)

Comma-splice Sentences




Dangling Modifier/Dangling Participle


Fragment/Sentence Fragment


Hedging and Boosting


Modals Verbs


Noun Phrases/Nominalization,%20Nominalisation%20ICOSA%20Version/


Parallel Structure


Passive Voice: When to use it, and when not to


Plural, Singular, Countable, and Uncountable Nouns




Pronoun Referencing


Relative Pronouns and Relative Clauses


Run-on Sentences,proper%20punctuation%20or%20appropriate%20conjunctions.


Subject-Verb Agreement


Verb Tenses in Academic Writing,Most%20Common%20Verb%20Tenses%20in%20Academic%20Writing,1999%3B%20Caplan%2C%202012).

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