What is CSS?

CAES Communication Support Services (CSS) offers a variety of consultations, workshops and discussions to help you succeed at the University of Hong Kong, and to support your development as a communicator beyond the university. Our services are available to all undergraduate and UGC-funded postgraduate students.

Please scroll down to learn more about the services run by each of our 4 units. 

If you have more questions after reading about these, please consult our FAQs. Once you know where to find us, you can then book one of our services! 

What are you waiting for?


Writing centre

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The Writing Centre provides 1:1 consultations and workshops in a friendly, relaxing setting. Our Communication Advisors (CAs) also hold weekly group workshops covering professional and academic writing.


Our team of consultants from a range of disciplines are keen to give you 1:1 feedback at any stage of the writing process on any type of writing project, including but not limited to:


  • Course assignments,

  • Dissertations and theses,

  • Personal statements, cover letters and resumes, and

  • IELTS, TOEFL, and other exam writing practice.


Consultants will point out issues in your writing, and discuss potential solutions to those issues with you. Our aim is to help writers make decisions about their writing, become critical readers of their own work, and to develop skills for revising their writing autonomously. Note that consultants will not proofread or edit your work, or do anything that would result in the consultant becoming a co-author of your text. 

Students are encouraged to upload their work two days before their 1:1 consultation so their consultant can read it and prepare beforehand.


The Speaking Studio is open to all students looking for help with their speaking.

A team of trained consultants from a range of disciplines, as well as Communication Advisors (CAs), will give you feedback on both spoken assessments and personal projects in 1:1 consultations. You are also welcome to join one of our group workshops covering the following areas: 

  • Public Speaking skills  

  • Video narrations and presentations 

  • Pronunciation practice 

  • IELTS speaking 


  • General speaking practice

  • Mock interviews 

Consultants will point out issues in your speaking, and discuss potential solutions to those issues with you. Our aim is to help you become a more confident speaker, and to help you recognize and resolve higher order issues in the way you communicate. 

Apart from our Workshops on speaking skills (see above), the Discussions that we offer also give you a chance to learn about (and argue your point of view on!) a variety of interesting topics, such as dating culture and current affairs.



Digital literacy lab

The Digital Literacy Lab at CAES is a new initiative to support students who are engaged in projects involving digital media. We provide a growing range of support services to students and faculty members at the University, including but not limited to:

  • Video assignments

  • Presentation visuals and infographics

  • Multimodal texts

We are now partnering with several Common Core courses to provide tailored consultation support to students. Apart from offering course specific workshops, trained consultants from the Lab will soon be offering consultations for digital media projects.

Equipment support for video projects is also available in the Lab. This includes services such as equipment loan and access to green screen facility, studio space and computers for video editing. 




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General Language Advising is a service provided by CAES lecturers to students who need long-term support beyond one-off writing and speaking consultations, in the form of a structured multi-sessional consultation programme.


At present, it prioritises students invited or referred by teachers based on language proficiency and needs. However, if you find yourself struggling and want to seek help, you should contact your teachers for further enquiries and referrals.

Longer term language development advising services for the wider university may be introduced in the future.