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Please read the guidelines before booking a slot with our Writing Centre PCs


  • Message Regarding Artificial Intelligence-Written Texts: The role of the Writing Centre is to discuss with writers how to improve their own work. Please do not bring any AI-generated texts to consultations. Consultants will not discuss how to improve such texts with students.

  • You must be an undergraduate or a UGC-funded postgraduate student.

  • Show your Student ID card when attending the session.

  • If you want to cancel your booked timeslot, log into and click “Cancel this booking” at least 24 hours before the consultation, otherwise you will be marked as “absent”. If you are absent from 2 CSS sessions in a semester, you will be banned from booking for the rest of the semester.

  • Please be punctual

1:1 consultations:

  • You can choose to meet your consultant face-to-face or on Zoom (please put a Zoom meeting link on the booking slot page).

  • Put in your consultation goals & upload a file/link that you want the consultant to look at (no pdf files; 10MB max.) at least 24 hours before the consultation (e.g. upload your work on Thursday if your session is on the following Monday).

  • Any assignment you upload for a consultation must be your own work. You cannot bring somebody else's assignment for a consultation.

Booking quotas for students:

  • 16 Jan - 18 Feb & 13 Mar - 31 Mar: You can book up to 4 sessions per week, and 2 sessions per day.

  • 20 Feb - 10 Mar & 3 Apr - 21 Apr: You can book 2 sessions per week, and 1 session per day.

  • 24 Apr - 12 May (Revision week): You can book 1 session per week.

  • 15 May - 18 Aug: You can book 2 sessions per week per unit.

Discussion Groups and Workshops:

  • These are all held face-to-face.

  • Check the discussion / workshop topics shown on the booking page, and select one you are interested in.

  • Please be punctual.

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