Communication Support Services consists of part-time student Peer Consultants, full-time Communication Advisors, and in the English Language Advising unit, experienced CAES lecturers.

  • Communication Advisors (CAs) are full-time staff who work across each unit to deliver self-access learning services. In addition to 1:1 consultations, they offer group workshops and discussion groups on a variety of skills and topics.

  • Peer Consultants (PCs) are selectively recruited, rigorously trained and paid students who deliver the majority of our 1:1 sessions in speaking, writing, and digital media. They come from a wide range of faculties, majors, and backgrounds to meet your different needs.

  • Lecturers in English Language Advising are experienced CAES teachers who work with students on individual bases to develop personalized learning plans and achieve long-term language goals.

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Communication Advisors

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Peer Consultants

Peer Consultants

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Peer Consultants

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