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Speaking Studio

Rachel CAO

Field of study: Major in English and Education, Minor in Counseling
Current program of study: BA & BEd


Field of study: Biomedical Sciences
Current program of study: BBMS

Colin MAK

Field of study: Law and Marketing
Current program of study: BBA (Law) & LLB

Ingrid YAU

Field of study: Law and Arts (Literary Studies)
Current program of study: BA (LS) & LLB


Field of study: Computer Science Engineering
Current program of study: BEng (CompSc)

Jasmine CHEUNG

Field of study: Chemistry and Astronomy
Current program of study: BSc

Vanessa JIM

Field of study: Education and Linguistics
Current program of study: BA & BEd (Lang Ed – Eng)


Writing Centre


Belle CHOY 

Faculty: Arts & Education 

Field of study: English Language & Linguistics (Major); Criminology (Minor)

Current program of study: BA&BEd (LangEd-Eng)

Familiar genres: Academic writing (particularly in Education, Linguistics and Sociology), argumentative essays, reflective writing, IELTS writing, personal statements, speeches


I’m a penultimate year student whose academic interests lie in pragmatics and bilingualism. I’m also keen on exploring educational issues like students’ self-esteem as well as social problems including drug abuse and violence. In short, I relish learning about a wide range of topics. I’ve always loved writing but I'm also aware that it could be challenging sometimes. Instead of staring at the screen of your computer despondently, why don’t you book a session with me to talk through your concerns? Not only will your confidence in writing be bolstered, you will also realize writing is not a herculean task! 


Brinna BARLOW 

Faculty: Science 

Field of study: Climate effect on insects

Current program of study: PhD 

Previously earned degrees: BSc, Environmental Biology, MSU, Entomology  

Familiar genres: Academic writing (literature reviews, lab reports, scientific journal articles), popular science articles (science communication, for adults, for children), blogs, personal statements, cover letters, CVs 


Hello, I'm Brinna. I came to HKU in 2019 and I am now in my third year of my PhD studying the effects of climate and land use on insects. My studies and my love of science communication means I've done a lot of writing in my time! Now I would like to use that experience to help you in your academic journey to improve your writing. I can be a nonjudgmental mentor and guide to you throughout this semester so send me a draft and let's get discussing!   


Machanda SHEETAL 

Faculty: Dentistry 

Field of study: Paediatric Dentistry

Current program of study: MPhil 

Previously earned degrees: BDS 

Familiar genres: Academic papers (literature reviews, research proposals, thesis / dissertations, conference abstracts), assignments, personal statements and creative texts. 

I am a MPhil candidate at HKU in the Faculty of Dentistry after graduating from a dental institute in India. I have a few publications in some reputed international journals. I am a good listener and my approach as a peer consultant is to understand the writers' ideas, thoughts and also concerns and difficulties in writing. As a peer consultant I can help to improve your ability of conveying your ideas in your writing. 


Katherine LEE 

Faculty: Education 

Field of study: Student learning and development

Current program of study: PhD 

Previously earned degrees: Master of Journalism, BSocSc (Psychology and Counseling) 

Familiar genres: Academic writing, particularly in education and psychology; research papers and proposals; reflective writing; journalistic writing 

Hey there, I'm a PhD student at the Faculty of Education and am currently researching soft skills development among university students. While I grew up in Canada, I've been back in Hong Kong for some time and completed both my undergraduate and taught masters programmes here. I've always enjoyed reading and writing, and I am passionate about teaching and learning as well. I look forward to meeting you and helping you hone your writing skills! 


Wincy YIM 

Faculty: Social Sciences and Law 

Field of study: Politics and Public Administration, Law

Current program of study: BSS (Govt & Laws) and LLB 

Familiar genres: Academic writing in political science and law, research writing, argumentative writing 


Hey, I'm Wincy, a penultimate year student reading Government and Law. My interests lie in the field of political science and "street law" (teaching practical law to grassroots populations using interactive teaching methodologies). Growing up in Hong Kong, I have received a rigid education like many of you did. I totally understand how the traditional education system in some of the Asian countries can hinder students from reaching their full potential, especially in writing. I am looking forward to learning more about you and your writings! 


Piyo CHAN 

Faculty: Arts & Education 

Field of study: English Language & Linguistics (Majors); Sociology (Minor)

Current program of study: BA & BEd (LangEd) – Eng 

Familiar genres: Analytical essays, reflective essays, learning journals, argumentative essays, research papers, reports, academic writings especially in Linguistics and Sociology 

I am in the second-last year of my English Education double degree program. My particular academic interests lie in sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. I love learning and teaching English very much but I was a science student studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology back in high school! I am especially good at writing analytical and reflective essays where coherence and concision play an essential role. Throughout the past year, I learnt from my tutees about some common difficulties they encounter while writing and I am happy to hear your stories and help with your writing skills! 



Faculty: Sciences 

Field of study: Biology, Ecology

Current program of study: PhD 

Previously earned degrees: BSc Zoology (Botany, Earth Science) 

Familiar genres: Postgrad theses/dissertations (Biology, ecology) personal statements, CV/resumes and cover letters, popular science writing, CAES & common core assignments 

I’m a native English speaker from Ireland, studying for a PhD in marine ecology. I’ve been in Hong Kong for nearly 4 years, and a tutor in CAES since it began! In addition to writing during my B.Sc and PhD (reports, theses etc), I’ve also gained a lot of experience helping HKU undergrads and postgrads with their assignments, CVs and personal statements; so, I'm familiar with the challenges students experience when writing in a second language for academia. I look forward to helping you improve your writing skills. 



Faculty: Social Sciences and Finance 

Field of study: Journalism and Finance

Current program of study: Bachelor of Journalism 

Familiar genres: Academic papers, especially in History, Literature, Anthropology, Journalism/ Media Studies, Business, Religious Studies Creative writing Reflective writing Research essays Reports Critical Analysis of texts 


I am a year 4 student studying Journalism and Finance. Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for reading and writing. While I do read up on the economy and international relations, I am most interested in archaeology and comparative religion. Writing is a way in which I can express myself to the people around me. My professor once told me, ‘When writing, there is no such thing as a bad idea. It’s just faulty execution’. As a tutor, I hope to help you perfect your ability to convey your own ideas to the world. 


Sthavir MURTHY 

Faculty: Engineering 

Field of study: Computer Science 

Current program of study: BEng Computer Science 

Familiar genres: Creative Writing, Reflective Writing, academic papers, especially in Fine Arts, Comparative Literature and Science 

As someone who has spent their university life near-manically enrolling in courses from a variety of disciplines, I’ve gained experience in several types of writing. This exposure has made me keen on learning what others have to say about these subjects, so I would love to read your work and help you craft it into the effective, meaningful text you know it to be. Feel free to stop by for a fun, useful discussion. 



Faculty: Health Sciences 

Field of study: Medical Physics

Current program of study: PhD Diagnostic Radiology 

Previously earned degrees: BSc 

Familiar genres: IELTS and TOEFL writing, postgrad these/dissertations, academic papers 


Hi, I scored 95% on my TOEFL, come and see me! Kidding aside, I hope my analysis of your writing work proves useful in the long term. I’m comfortable with a wide range of writing subjects, but I enjoy science-related stuff the most. Happy to help! 


Athena MAN 

Faculty: Arts & Social Sciences 

Field of study: English Studies and Politics & Public Administration 

Current program of study: Bachelor of Arts 

Familiar genres: Academic coursework especially on humanities subjects or contemplative topics, inc. reflective journals, literature reviews, descriptive and creative writing, and thesis / research papers; IELTS exam prep; CV / linkedin and personal statements; business proposals and letters, etc. 


Whether you need help with your creative manuscripts or tactful business proposals, drop by to discuss and brainstorm your ideas with me or polish your draft to ace an assessment that matters. I'm not your typical arts-only English major tutor with my head in the clouds. With a track record of A-grade papers under my belt, I'm observant, analytical, and exceedingly sensitive to language and expression. I provide all-encompassing, personalized, and specific feedback, Come see me to polish your writing and learn to review it thereafter on your own systematically. My job is to teach you to write well, after all. Expect to walk away with a a sense of direction, clearer ideas, and concrete advice for a more coherent paper. Book my consultation and let's talk. I'm all ears and I don't patronise. :-D 


Robert Marcelo SEVILLA 

Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: Linguistics

Current program of study: MPhil 

Previously earned degrees: MA Ling, Bachelor of Arts 

Familiar genres: Research and academic writing in social sciences and humanities, conference abstracts, research proposals 

I find myself currently completing a research postgraduate degree in Linguistics, focusing on the syntax-semantics of classifier constructions in Hunanese varieties of Chinese. I have been fascinated for some time by the degree of linguistic variation observed within the Sinitic family of languages… and yet, I lack any speaking skills or formal training in Chinese, much to my detriment. My other interests include phonetics/phonology, non-Sinitic languages (Welsh, Arabic, Kichwa, Basque, etc.), history, red wine, and long walks on the beach. I’ve been writing academically for some time; mostly in the social sciences and humanities. However, I’m happy to read on subjects I am unfamiliar with, so feel free to send me papers out of my area of expertise. 


Spencer Toru PATRICK 

Faculty: Science 

Field of study: Earth Sciences

Current program of study: MPhil 

Previously earned degrees: BA in Geology/Economics 

Familiar genres: Academic and scientific writing, journalism 

I'm a final year MPhil student in the Department of Earth Sciences and my research deals with the 3D kinematics of the Indian Himalaya. I grew-up and completed my undergraduate degree in Southern California. I am excited to help out with any English or writing concerns you may have! 


Elaine TIAN 

Faculty: Medicine 

Field of study: Medicine 

Current program of study: MBBS 

Familiar genres: Research and academic writing (essays, literature reviews, research papers, research posters, abstracts) in Health Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Classics; CVs and personal statements 

Hello! I’m a 5th year medical student at HKU. Having grown up with a multicultural educational background, I fully understand the difficulties of being “bye-lingual” and trying to articulate in words something that is much more complicated in your brain. While in recent years the majority of my writing has centred around research articles, I also have extensive experience in academic writing within a variety of disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology and classics. I look forward to meeting you! 



Faculty: Social Sciences 

Field of study: Journalism and Psychology 

Current program of study: BJ 

Familiar genres: Academic and research writing (social science, psychology, media and communications); journalism assignments; argumentative essays; literature reviews; CVs 

Hello! I am Anisha, a full-time mental-health advocate pursuing a double major degree in Journalism and Psychology, and a part-time fashion enthusiast. I grew up in New Delhi, India but also call Hong Kong my home now. I love to explore — be it food, places, music, ideas, or diverse knowledge. So come have a (virtual) chat with me regarding your writing and ideas. We'll tackle the long-dreaded term paper together. Let's learn from each other! :) 


Stephanie YOUNG 

Faculty: Education, Arts 

Field of study: English Language and Linguistics 

Current program of study: BA&BEd (LangEd-Eng) 

Familiar genres: Academic writing, (particularly in education, linguistics, english and comparative literature); argumentative writing; personal statements; speeches; letters; emails; experiential writing; personal statements 


Hello! :) I'm Stephanie, a year 3 undergraduate studying in the English and Education double degree programme, majoring in English Language and Linguistics. I am also currently minoring in Comparative Literature. From how you are currently looking for help in the Writing Centre, I take it that you may be feeling that your writing skills aren't as good as you want them to be. However, I can assure you that this is a completely normal feeling and every good writer has had that exact thought at some point in their lives. Writing may seem like a daunting task at first, but when you really get into it, you'll start to see the joy of writing. That's where I can help - to show you that essay writing isn't a monster that you need to defeat, but a beautiful process in which you can control completely. Although I may specialise in the Arts, I am also happy to read anything from other disciplines and learn from your writing. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun generating new ideas and discussing writing skills together. Looking forward to meeting you and your writing! 


Yi Seul KIM 

Faculty: Law 

Field of study: Law 

Current program of study: PhD 

Previously earned degrees: LLM, JD, JM, BA International Studies 

Familiar genres: Academic writing 

Hi! I'm Yi Seul and I'm currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Law. I enjoy writing and reading others' work. Writing can be difficult, especially for those who haven't done much before, but I am sure we can find ways to change that together. Looking forward to meeting you all soon. 


Pang Ching (Nico) YIU  

Faculty: Medicine 

Field of study: Biomedical Sciences 

Current program of study: Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 

Familiar genres: Academic writing (especially with topics related to science), argumentative essay, Popular Science Article, creative writing (particularly in stories and fictions), review paper (research) 


Hi there! My name is Nico and I'm a year 3 undergraduate in the field of Biomedical Sciences. I have always been interested in writing, especially creative writing. Having English as my second language, I understand that some of you might find it challenging to write entirely in English, believe me, it was such a tall-order for me too at the beginning. No worries! It might take some practice, but you will eventually get there! Feel free to drop by with your ideas and drafts, I’ll try my very best in helping you with the questions you have in mind. See ya soon! 



Faculty: Education 

Field of study: English Language and Linguistics 

Current program of study: BA&BEd (LangEd-Eng) 

Familiar genres: Academic writing, (particularly in education, linguistics, english and comparative literature); argumentative writing; personal statements; speeches; letters; emails; experiential writing; personal statements 


Hi, My name is Hin Ki. I am a year 3 undergraduate studying in the English Education Double Degree Programme, I am majoring in English Language and Linguistics. I am also pursuing a minor in Counselling. I immensely enjoy writing and discussing the process of writing with others. There are many different reasons you might be seeking help from the Writing Centre but my hope is that we can learn from each other to become better writers! I look forward to seeing you at the writing consultations. 


Loretta Wen ZIQING 

Faculty: Social Sciences 

Field of study: Psychology, Politics and Public Administration & Spanish 

Current program of study: BSocSc 

Familiar genres: Academic writing in Arts and Social Sciences, especially in Psychology, Politics, Linguistics, Sociology and China Studies; Literature reviews, research papers and proposals; Reflective writing; IELTS writing 


Hey, Loretta here! I am a penultimate-year Psychology-major student with two minors in Spanish and Politics and Public Administration. I am passionate about many (maybe too many) diverse disciplines in and across Arts and Social Sciences, so I am most excited for you to come over and share your insights with me on this wide array of issues through your coursework. Having spent years studying in Singapore and a summer exchanging at the University of Oxford in England as a non-native speaker of English, believe me, I, too, have countless moments when I feel like I don't know the 'right' thing to say! If you are having trouble expressing yourself fully and accurately, and are seeking help in virtually any kind of writing task, let's chat! I am here to offer you my support to the best of my abilities. 


Anuttara Peter Arnodage JAYASEKERA  

Faculty: Business and Economics 

Field of study: Economics and Finance 

Current program of study: BEcon&Fin 

Familiar genres: Academic writing (not limited to economics and finance); IELTS; argumentative essays 


Hi! My name's Anu, I'm a penultimate year student pursuing a double major in Economics and Finance. I enjoy reading work on all kinds of topics from various disciplines. I grew up in France and Sri Lanka, so I understand some of the challenges you may encounter if you are not a native English speaker. Written assignments can be quite daunting, and I hope I can help you at whatever stage you feel stuck, be it planning and research or giving feedback on your finished essay. I look forward to getting to know you better, and will do my best to help you improve your writing! 



Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: English Literature and Language 

Current program of study: MA 

Previously earned degrees: BA English 

Familiar genres: Academic essays especially for Arts and Humanities, IELTS writing, creative writing 


I am currently studying an MA in English Studies and previously got my BA at the University of Birmingham, also in English. I am from the UK but have spent the past few years teaching English in Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong. I am passionate about twentieth century literature and cultural theory and my profession has also developed my interests in second-language acquisition, language pedagogy and applied linguistics. I have experience in teaching General and Academic English, as well as exam preparation for IELTS and the HKDSE. I hope to use my experience as both a student and a teacher to help you develop your reading and writing skills in a collaborative way. 



Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: Neurolinguistics 

Current program of study: PhD 

Previously earned degrees: BA (Hons) (Psychology & Linguistics) 

Familiar genres: Academic Writing (journal-like articles, term paper, research proposal), particular those in Psychology or Language Sciences; IELTS/GRE writing preparation 


Hi, I'm a second-year Ph.D. student with interest in Neurolinguistics. My research looks into the neurological issues of reading and writing disorders from a developmental aspect. I obtained my BA from HKU as well, and I am familiar with the undergraduate curriculum here, especially for the Social Sciences and Arts courses. As a non-local student who was not educated in English before university, I understand that it can be hard to cope with the academic requirements in HKU, and I'm willing to be here to help. Do not hesitate to come and meet me if you are struggling with the tough writing assignments. 


Joel KHOO 

Faculty: Science 

Field of study: Actuarial Science 

Current program of study: BSc 

Familiar genres: Academic Writing - particularly relating to those in the "Hard" Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics, etc.) 

Hello there! I'm Joel, a third-year undergraduate student majoring in the field of Actuarial Science. My passions for mathematics, popular science and music run deep, and I've been reading books about these subjects from a young age. Having grown up in Malaysia where many people speak English as a second (or even third) language, I understand how hard it can be to write in the English language - not just correctly, but also fluently and confidently. I look forward to helping you in your English-learning journey! I'm always free to lend a hand :) 


Nandini JAIN 

Faculty: Social Sciences 

Field of study: Psychology 

Current program of study: BSocSc 

Familiar genres: Academic writing (particularly related to psychology, anthropology and common core courses), reflective essays, creative writing, personal statements 

Hey, I am pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in Neuroscience and Spanish. So, is the announcement of a writing announcement disturbing your peace like a stranger loudly talking on their phone while in a library? Are you facing a blank screen that echoes the cluelessness about how to begin? I am happy to help you kickstart the writing assignment that you've been putting on snooze till now and help to improve your skill to write effectively. Looking forward to seeing you!  


Chun Yi LEE 

Faculty: Social Sciences 

Field of study: Psychology

Current program of study: English Studies 

Familiar genres: Research and academic writing (essays, literature reviews, research papers, research posters, abstracts) in Psychology, English literature, sociology and geography. Personal statements and CV.  


Hello I'm a Year 2 Social Sciences student at HKU. I grew up in a multilingual family so I'm fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, so I understand the struggles of being "try-lingual", especially when you can't write exactly what you're thinking of! I like helping people and making friends, and I look forward to meeting you online! 


Miu Ci Miuccia CHAN 

Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: English Studies

Current program of study: Comparative Literature 

Familiar genres: Academic and creative writing, journalism, personal statements, CV. 


I'm a third-year English literature major aiming to teach the subject in the future. I love writing fiction and non-fiction, and I read leisurely across all branches of humanities. With experience in academic writing, creative writing and journalism, I look forward to talking about writing to anyone who comes knocking! 


Chu Man (Man) CHUNG 

Faculty: Law 

Field of study: Legal Studies

Current program of study: PCLL 

Previously earned degrees: BSoSc (Govt and Laws) & LLB 

Familiar genres: Writing on legal and socio-political issues, social sciences subjects, non-fiction writing, personal statements and CVs etc.  

Hi there! Man here, and I am a postgraduate law student here at HKU, I like to read a lot about different subjects, especially articles on the news as well as social and legal issues. Would love to make friends with you, and share my experience and tips in writing!  


Chufeng (Garry) MENG 

Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: Philosophy

Current program of study: BA (4) 

Familiar genres: Academic writing, especially argumentative essays, in Philosophy, English Literature (literary criticism), Sociology, etc. In general, texts emphasizing critical thinking, logical reasoning, or theory building. 


Hi! I’m a second year Philosophy Major here at HKU. As concise writing exemplifies and promotes effective thinking, writing well constitutes one of my top concerns in both academic and everyday life. To hone my writing skills, I quest myself to read widely in all areas of philosophy and its crossovers with other disciplines. I'm passionate about Chinese philosophy, philosophy of science, religion, mind, ethics, political philosophy, continental philosophy, American pragmatism, etc. I’m also minoring in English literature and Buddhist studies. I value every opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow students. Looking forward to discussing with you! 


Kong Yik Charmaine LAM 

Faculty: Arts 

Field of study: English Studies