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Communication Support Services (CSS) in the Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES)aims to support the communication skills development of all UGC-funded students through 1:1 consultations and workshops with trained consultants through its Writing Centre and Speaking Studio service. We are now recruiting high-calibre postgraduate and Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 undergraduate peer consultants for semester 1 of the 2024-25 academic year. Students from all disciplines are welcome. Successful candidates will have excellent communication skills relevant to work in the Writing Centre or Speaking Studio, and they will be enthusiastic about helping others communicate effectively. Those hired will receive training in tutoring and communication skills, and be supported by professional language instructors in their work. 

How much is the pay? 

Competitive compensation commensurate with qualifications will be offered. 

When is the training? 

Training will be held in late August 2024; training time is counted as part of consultants’ contracted working hours. 

When would I begin working, and what are the working hours? 

New consultants will start giving consultations in September 2024. Consultants will work about 8 hours a week. A typical weekly work schedule includes four to six pre-booked 30-minute consultations and/or 1-hour discussions and workshops, consultation preparation, short administrative tasks, consultant development activities, promotion work, and a limited number of “walk-in” consultations. Consultants should be able to commit to serve for at least one semester. 

Are the working hours flexible? 

CSS arranges tutoring time slots and workshops to fit consultants’ schedules. Pre-consultation preparation work, consultant-development activities, and promotion work are scheduled flexibly. 

How do I apply? 

All applicants must submit the following items by 23:59 on 3 June 2024 to the email address of the unit to which you are applying: 

  1. A completed application form (downloadable here

  2. A curriculum vitae 

  3. Evidence of your academic results at HKU. This could be an official HKU transcript, or the Unofficial Transcript of Academic Record viewable in the HKU portal, saved as a PDF. Postgrad students should submit evidence from previous degrees taken at HKU or other universities. 

Those applying to tutor in the Writing Centre should also submit: 

An academic writing sample that demonstrates your writing skills (maximum 20 pages). 

Writing Centre applicants should submit their application form, CV, evidence of academic results, and academic writing sample to  

After we receive your application documents, we will give you a link to complete an online written test. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in-person or over Zoom in June 2024.


Those applying to tutor in the Speaking Studio should also submit: 

A 3-minute pre-recorded speech on the following: 

  • Prompt: What does it take to become a great speaker? You may want to reflect on your own experiences and observations and use concrete examples to illustrate your points. Be creative!   

  • Record your response in a video not longer than 3 minutes, and upload your video to this link.  

  • You should focus on showcasing your qualities as an excellent communicator. Technical complexity is NOT our central consideration.  

  • You may find some useful information in this playlist produced by the current Peer Consultants.  

Speaking Studio applicants should submit their application form, CV, and evidence of academic results to, and then upload their pre-recorded speech to the link given above. Please do not send your recorded speech by email. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in-person or over Zoom in June 2024. 

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