Late April Updates

We’re now in the high-demand period for 1:1 CSS support on written, spoken, and digital media assignments. If you’d like to get feedback from a trained, paid CSS consultant on any assignment, book a Writing Centre, Speaking Studio or Digital Literacy Lab consultation as soon as possible using our "Book Now!" tab.

Keep reading to find out what is going on in CSS.

1. CSS Tutor Tips

How to Get the Most from Your Writing Consultation

Not sure how to prepare for a 1:1 writing consultation? No worries! Click the video below to see what you can do in advance in order to get the most from your 1:1 session with a Writing Centre consultant.

Improving Your Daily English Conversations

Want to have better conversations in English but aren’t sure how? Don’t worry! Our Speaking Studio consultants have three great tips for improving your social skills! Click below.

2. Other CSS Updates

The Speaking Studio had its monthly Peer Consultant training last week focusing on how to better support our tutees’ pronunciation needs. The Easter Bunny even stopped by with some springtime treats!

3. Upcoming CSS Workshops and Discussion Groups (Weeks 15 & 16)


14:30-15:30 Academic Writing (Writing Centre)

26 April - Paraphrasing (Conciseness) & Plagiarism


10:30-11:30 Interview Skills (Speaking Studio)

27 April – Sales Pitch

11:30-12:30 IELTS Speaking (Speaking Studio)

27 April – Part 3 Practice

13:30-14:30 IELTS Writing (Writing Centre)

27 April – Task 2: Body Paragraphs

04 May – Task 2: Intro & Conclusion

13:30-14:30 Current Affairs (Speaking Studio)

27 April – Uncontacted Tribes


10:30-11:30 Pop Up – Thesis Statements (Writing Centre)

28 April – Thesis Statements

11:30-12:30 Research Writing (Writing Centre)

28 April – Making Revisions


10:30-11:30 Professional Writing (Writing Centre)

29 April – Cover Letters

13:30-14:30 Public Speaking (Speaking Studio)

29 April – Vocal Delivery 2: Intonation

06 May – Content 1: Structure

14:30-15:30 Social English (Speaking Studio)

29 April – Requests & Complaints

06 May – Phrasal Verbs

14:30-15:30 English for Academic Success (General Language Advising)

29 April - Reading and critical thinking: strategies for long term success

15:30-16:30 IELTS Reading & Listening (Speaking Studio)

29 April – Reading Part 2

06 May – Reading Part 3


10:30-11:30 Dating Cultures (Speaking Studio)

30 April – Pick Up Lines

14:30-15:30 Movies (Speaking Studio)

30 April – The Worst Movies Ever Made

Book your workshop or discussion spot, as well as consultations, on our "Book Now!" page. Communication Support Services is operated purely on UGC funds, and we can only serve students of UGC-funded programs.

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