Early April Updates

The end of spring semester teaching is less than a month away, and it is never too early to get feedback from trained, paid consultants on your written, spoken, or digital media assignments. CAES Communication Support Services (CSS) is keen to help you through 1:1 consultations, and we want to emphasize that:

  1. We are happy to help you polish up an assignment in the week before it is due, but...

  2. You will get much more useful feedback if you see a consultant earlier, at the planning and drafting stages.

Book Writing Centre, Speaking Studio, Digital Literacy Lab and General Language Advising consultations HERE.

Keep reading to find out what is going on in CSS.

1. CSS Tutor Tips

Why doesn’t the tutor proofread my essay?

Why don’t Writing Centre consultants directly correct language errors on student’s essays? If they won’t proofread your writing, what will they do? Watch below to find out how our consultants can help you become a better proof-reader, and a better writer in general.

5 Tips for Voiceover Narration

Narration assignment coming up and you’ve got no idea where to start? Speaking Studio consultants have 5 basic tips to make your voiceover narration much more effective! Click below:

2. Other CSS Updates

Writing Centre and Speaking Studio are keen to support students applying for jobs/internships:

3. Upcoming CSS Workshops and Discussion Groups (Weeks 13-14)

Mondays 14:30-15:30 Academic Writing (Writing Centre) 12 April - Engaging with Critics (Presenting Evidence) 19 April – Nominalisation (Grammar) Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 Interview Skills (Speaking Studio) 13 April – Difficult Questions 20 April - Group Interviews 11:30-12:30 IELTS Speaking (Speaking Studio) 13 April - Part 1 Practice 20 April - Part 2 Practice 13:30-14:30 IELTS Writing (Writing Centre) 13 April – Task 1: Trends 20 April – Take 1: Structure Wednesday 10:30-11:30 Pop-Up Workshop (Writing Centre) 14 April – Thesis Statements 11:30-12:30 Research Writing (Writing Centre) 14 April – Getting Feedback 21 April – Making Revisions Thursday 10:30-11:30 Professional Writing (Writing Centre) 15 April – CVs 13:30-14:30 Public Speaking (Speaking Studio) 15 April – Visual 2: Visual Aids 22 April – Vocal Delivery 1: Stress/Rhythm 14:30-15:30 Social English (Speaking Studio) 15 April – Idioms 22 April – Requests & Complaints 14:30-15:30 English for Academic Success (General Language Advising) 22 April - Pronunciation and speaking learning strategies 15:30-16:30 IELTS Reading & Listening (Speaking Studio) 15 April – Reading Part 1 22 April – Reading Part 2 Friday 10:30-11:30 Dating Cultures (Speaking Studio) 16 April – Gender Roles in Relationships 23 April - Friends with Benefits 11:30-12:30 Travel & Cultures (Speaking Studio) 16 April – Travel & Covid: Vaccine Passports 23 April – Dream Vacations 14:30-15:30 Movies (Speaking Studio) 16 April – TV to Movies 23 April – Dystopian Films

Book workshops, discussions, and 1:1 consultations HERE. Communication Support Services is operated purely on UGC funds, and we can only serve students of UGC-funded programs.

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